2020 May Student Scholarship

Scholarship rules:

1. Must currently be attending a court reporting program.

2. Must be testing at 140 wpm or greater.

3. Must be a BCCRA member in 2020.

4. Write 1,000 words or more, substituting court reporting students'/professionals' names with fictitious names, if necessary, to preserve anonymity.

Essay prompt: Explain in detail how you have and/or continue to overcome adversity, such as the current international health crisis, in both individual and collaborative ways during your experience as a court reporting student and how you can remain effective during such times as a student and/or even as a professional court reporter.

Deadline is May 8th. Please send an email to Jessica Butts at JxButts@gmail.com with a .doc or similar format file so that the word count of your essay can be checked. Please include

"May 2020 BCCRA Scholarship Application" in the subject line.

Four $250 scholarships will be awarded at BCCRA's May 14th meeting.

2020 May Student Scholarship Winner

Congratulations, Anna Mar!

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Anna Mar - Rachel Murchland

Anjelica Romero

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Anna Mar

Rachel Murchland

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